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Hi there

You can call me Morpheus. I made moneroj to help fellow members of Monero's community understand it, visualize adoption and to compare it against other projects such as Bitcoin or its competitors on the privacy market. This project was made without any intention for profit, and is maintained by my own funds. If you liked it and want to help the project, you can donate some XMR. Also, all type of suggestions are welcome! I do believe Monero is like no other currency, since it has true privacy (optional privacy is no privacy at all), and also serves as a store of value (since it has an already small and yet decreasing anual inflation). I also believe in Bitcoin, I believe Bitcoin will indeed achieve its value as Digital Gold, since it has gigantic brand recognition, besides its proved scarcity. However, for most transactions, if we truly want a digital world, we cant rely on open ledgers to do businesses. It is just simply a privacy nightmare to pay or receive payment from someone without using fungible money. Bitcoin is not fungible, which means different Bitcoins are different from each other, since both have different (and verifiable) history. Will you also take the red pill?

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